How To Join

wanttojoinTo become a member of the Portsmouth and District Magic Circle, we ask you first to complete an online application form so that we may have some idea of your level of interest and knowledge in the art of magic.

Click here to complete the online application form.

Then, if we would like to know more about you, you will be invited to an informal interview with members of the The Council. Usually, this will be held at the Portsmouth and District Magic Circle meeting place before the start of the evening programme or via a video call. After your interview, you may be invited to join us as our guest for the evening, but please do not be offended if you are not.

Within 7 days of your interview we will let you know, either:

  • that your interview was successful and that we would like you to proceed to the next stage of your membership application
  • that we feel that you do not yet have sufficient knowledge or interest in magic to proceed with your application at this stage.

If we felt it necessary, we may allocate someone to act as your mentor whilst you prepare for the audition that is required of all candidates. The mentor could advise you on aspects of content for your audition or just be there to answer questions you may have.

The audition should last for about 10 minutes. Again, depending on the programme for the evening you may be invited to stay on the night of your audition.

You will be notified of the The Council's decision within 7 days of your audition and, if successful, you will then be required to pay a one-off joining fee, together with your annual membership fee. Once all monies have been received by the club treasurer the council will be informed and a suitable date for your induction into the club agreed. You cannot be inducted until the fees have been paid.

On your induction you will be required to make the necessary declarations of joining the club.

As a paid-up member you can then attend all lectures at the club and all club nights free of charge. After a four week qualifying period you will have access to the club library and may borrow books and DVDs. Books are loaned free but we ask for a modest donation for videos and DVDs.

Click here to complete the online application form