Buying and selling at Jumbo Day

Jumbo Day is well known for being the place to buy and sell second hand magic.

We welcome dealers in magic and also those that want to sell second hand magic that they have but longer use.

We have special dealer tickets available that give you access to the venue from 7:30am to set up ready for the 9:00am opening. If you do not have a dealer ticket then you can still bring items along to sell and we hope to find you place at a table but you will not be able to get in until after 9:00am and table space is not guaranteed.

If you are a regular at Jumbo Day you will notice we have moved things around for 2019. This year we have all of our lectures in the main hall. This means that the trading tables are all moving to the outer rooms. However, this means you can trade from 9:00am right through to 4pm without having to pack away to make room for lectures. Because of this we will not be holding an auction this year.


This year the Portsmouth & District Magic Circle are proud to support creators of original magic. We are therefore banning cheap counterfeit magical props and DVDs and ask traders to support us by only selling original items on their stalls.

If you are seen selling counterfeits of magical items currently on the market you will be asked to remove it sale and you maybe asked to leave the convention.

Please help us support creators of original magic.