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Mark Elsdon Photo

Mark Elsdon has been performing magic and mentalism professionally for 27 years. He has authored a dozen books and many, many more single-release tricks and has been a hugely popular lecturer throughout Europe and the USA for the last 20 years.
He focuses his creativity on devising powerful and memorable material that is designed to end up in your repertoire, not in your junk drawer. For the last several years he has also been writing magic and entertainment shows for a variety of worldwide TV shows.
One of the most prolific creators of mentalist based effects around and a brilliant thinker Mark will be lecturing at Jumbo Day and performing in the Gala Show in the evening.

"Mark gives one of the most inspiring lectures I’ve ever seen. I envy you seeing him for the first time." - Marc Oberon
"Mark Elsdon is a renaissance man in magic. He is equally adept at inventing, performing, creating, and theorizing about magic. He consults for television, lectures, and performs, all with equal proficiency. And, he's one of my favorite guys to watch." - Joshua Jay
"Mark is one of the most creative magicians I know, with a depth of knowledge and an inherent understanding of what can turn a simple trick into a powerful mind-f!@# for laymen." -Quentin Reynolds



Sean Heydon Photo

Sean is one of the most televised magicians in this country. He was the resident illusionist on the Paul 'O' Grady show as well as appearing on various other shows including Soccer AM. He has also had a regular half hour show across the BBC radio network entitled Magic on the Wireless.

Working predominantly as a stage magician but also one of Europe's leading close up magicians, Sean mixes magic and comedy for maximum entertainment. He is multi award winning and in 2009 was the voted "Speciality Act of the Year".

Sean will be lecturing during the day at Portsmouth and don't miss his Stage performance in the Gala Show in the evening.



Matthew Garrett Photo

Matthew started performing from the age of 13 and is a Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star, a Member of the 4Fs and in 2010 was named the Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year.
He has travelled the world with his magic performing at the top hotels in London and Dubai and established venues such as The House of Commons, Claridges and the Cafe Royal as well as performing for stars of England's Football and Cricket teams.
Matthew is one of the world's leading authorities on Ninja Rings and has published a definitive volume of DVDs on the subject earning 5 star reviews across the magic community.
Don't miss Matthew's lecture at Jumbo Day and also see his act in our Gala Show that get's him booked in the world's 7 star hotels.

"Absolutely Amazing!"  Derren Brown

 "Holyshoot!! Matthew has created a new and original trick. It works great
both with Ninja Rings and on its own." Shoot Ogawa, Ninja Rings Master.

 "Heartily recommended for close-up and walk-about." Ali Bongo, former President of the Magic Circle



Sean Lobban Photo

 AKA 'Mr Tall' for obvious reasons Sean will be well known to our regular guests at Jumbo Day having been the man in charge of the event for several years up to and including the 50th anniversary event in 2013. He has performed around the UK, on cruise ships and overseas including Perth, Western Australia. Recently he has been lecturing at venues around the country including the Magic Circle. 

Sean will be appearing at the Gala show at Jumbo Day with a performance that has a mix of comedy, magic and mentalism.



Dave Bonney photo

Dave is a professional magician and musician and a valued member of the Portsmouth and District Magic Circle and council. He will be your host for the gala show and compere throughout the evening.