The Council

The Portsmouth and District Magic Circle holds its AGM every June, in which the council of eight members is voted in and agreed on. The roles comprise of four officers and four council members, as below for the 2016-17 term.

Lee Roberts - Club President

The 2016-17 term marks Lee's first term at the helm of the PDMC. Lee has been involved in magic most of his life and is a valued asset to the PDMC.

Colin Rumford - Club Secretary

Colin has established himself in the role of club secretary well, and is your point of contact for all matters regarding the club. All emails and messages sent via the website go through to Colin.

Glen Stone - Librarian

The PDMC boast an impressive library of hundreds of books, DVDs, videos and notes, and is managed by Glen Stone.

Michael Jordan - Treasurer

Michael enters his first year on the PDMC council and as the club treasurer, responsible for all of the financial matters relating to the club.

James Bray - Council Member

Expert close up magician and part of Him & Hym, James stands on the council this year marking his first year in office, bringing a new perspective to the council.

Dave Bonney - Council Member

'Magic Monday' Dave embarks on his first year in the PDMC council for the 2016-17 term, sure to be a valuable asset.

Jim Stone - Council Member

This marks Jim's second year on the PDMC council, and his enthusiasm for magic and entertainment is an invaluable asset.

Rikki Mark - Council Member

Multiple award-winning magician and stalwart of the club, Rikki offers his extensive knowledge in magic and the running of the club to this term's council.